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Foundation Professionals of Florida

Foundation Professionals of Florida




Foundation Professionals of Florida is a family-owned company based in Lake City, Florida. We serve both residential and commercial properties in Florida, Southeastern US and the US Virgin Islands with premier full-service foundation repair, slab-lifting, sinkhole remediation, seawall repair, and grouting company. 


Foundation Professionals of Florida, established in 2012, is a subsidiary of Cal-Tech Testing. Cal-Tech Testing is a leader in geotechnical soil engineering and consulting which began in 1980 in Lake City, Florida, servicing the Southeast and U.S. Virgin Islands. 


We serve the residential and commercial sectors repairing foundations and always strive to provide lifetime solutions to your problems. Our mission is to provide the best solution at an affordable price. 


Our dedication to only using the highest quality materials through partnerships with other family-owned businesses and manufacturers is what makes us an honest, award-winning and top-performing company.


Amy Brown
Vice President & Treasurer

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