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CrossFit 1075

CrossFit 1075




CrossFit 1075 is Lake City’s premier fitness experience!

Our clean and organized training facility has all you will need whether you are brand new to fitness, looking to change up your current routine or simply get in the best shape of your life. 

We offer group fitness for all ages and fitness levels. Programs include CrossFit classes, youth classes, nutrition services, yoga and we have a physical therapist and massage therapist on staff. 

We follow Mayhem programming, with class coaching led by Sommer Howell, CrossFit L2 trainer with nearly a decade of coaching experience.

Our knowledgeable staff are all CF- L1 or CF-L2 trainers and provide a broad knowledge base from many aspects of health and fitness. Based upon the principles of constantly varied and universally scalable, our structured classes provide the ideal environment for any committed individual to achieve personal growth and advancement regardless of experience. You will sweat, you will whine, you will cheer and be cheered but at the end of the day, you will leave with an incredible sense of accomplishment, and lifelong friendships that only CrossFit 1075 can give you. So what are you waiting for??

* Look & feel your best! Our guarantee is you will get in the best shape of your life.

* Have Fun Working Out! Workouts may be tough, but will always be fun.

* Expert Guidance! Our certified trained staff will ensure you are doing exercises safely and efficiently.


Sommer Howell
Head Coach & Owner  CF-L2, USAW L1

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